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Filming is another area where we are proud to say that we know what end of the camera to look through, and what end to point at people!  There may come a time when you need something filmed or photographed and you know that your camera phone isn’t up to the job, that is where we come in.  We have photographers, cinematographers, videographers and oceanographers (actually that is a fib, we don’t have one of those… yet!)

All our camera operators, photographers and lighting directors are trained, well-groomed and have years of practical experience in film, television, commercials, theatre, events and corporate shoots.  If there is something in particular you want captured on film then we are the people to ask.  

You may need a family get-together filmed (no weddings though), a sporting event, a work project, property to sell, a lunar eclipse… so many things that we can help you with!

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