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Editing is the hidden, dark art of media.  It is what turns a drawer full of memories into a visual treat. Imagine having all those clips of your children put onto video so you can watch them grow to a background of your favourite songs, or the videos from your wedding that you have never got around to putting together, or even that time when you won the office go-karting Grand Prix and want to share it with the world!

There is just so much ‘stuff’ out there these days… think of all the photos and video clips you have taken on your phone that might be deleted forever at the click of a button; the family events you have kept safely stored away on a memory card for a rainy day; the video you took of a work project that you always hoped will make you a millionaire; and pretty much everything in between!  

We can take your memory cards, pluck all the things you want off them, transmogrify them into the correct files and stick them together with magical editing glue to make a movie that you can sit and watch on your own television… your own private Hollywood!  Take a look at our ratecard to see what we can do.

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